Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Floors Brazilian Cherry

Look at our new floor. It looks like a Ball Room!!!!

Thank goodness for Chad & Sean, we could not have done it without them, Angie & Stacy helped also.

I stayed out of their way. Alexia likes to help, she is such a good little worker. Austin stayed in the office until he left to go to a birthday party. Stacy & Caleb came over later after Caleb went to a bd party also. It took all day, but we (I mean they) finished it around 8:00 Saturday night. I took Alexia & Caleb outside to ride in the wagon and look at the birds, swing and throw rocks in the ditch. Caleb loves the outside!!! It is so much fun to see Chad & Sean work together, they have their own little conversations and we could hear them laughing. They really work very well together. Sean had to leave around 2:00 to go to his buddies to watch LSU get beat. (SAD) When he came back he was full of entergy because he was so mad about the game. Dan, Chad & Stacy were ready to call it a night and finish it later, but Sean got them back on a roll and were able to finish it. Dan & I rested all day Sunday. I was exhasted from watching them. The floors look great. Our next step is to knock out the wall from the dining room and the foyer. Dan said that was going to be a lot easier than on his knees putting down floors. The boys said not this weekend. We have to give them several weekend off.

Thankgoodness that we all have very close families!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Grandparents Day Sunday

We had such a good time Sunday. I love it when I have my Grandchildren and Children all together. We all went to Church (except Sean) then out to eat. It seams it is always about food in our families. We had pizza and salad. Angie & I did very well, we only ate one piece and a lot of salad. Good ruffage (don't know how to spell it, but you know what I mean) We went to GodFathers, that is where Sara (Stacy sister) works. Calab followed her around when she was trying to wait on other tables. It was so cute. Alexia would try and get him and he would run from her. I said that we were going to get Sara fired, but Stacy said that it was fine. Because her boss really like her because she was a very dependable worker. So anyway Caleb had fun following her around the place. As you can see he still has not gotten rid of his nooney(pacifier)

Dan just looked at the picture and wanted to know who that OLD man was. I told him he was still good looking!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Grandparents Day at School

Today was Grandparents day at Austin & Alexia's school. Alexia & I had our lunch at 10:45am and then we went to find Austin. Then we went back to the cafeteria with Austin. Austin had to stay at school after lunch because he is an Ambassador at his school. Alexia & I went home and played "Candy Land" then took a nap for awhile, then Stacy brought Caleb over. At 2:00 we went to pick Austin up and went to to McDonalds to play in the indoor playarea, when we got there it was closed because they are redoing it. We still enjoyed Happy Meals!! Then came back home and played outside for awhile. Caleb & Alexia love to swing, but we could only stay outside for a little while because it is still hot & humid down here. This has been a great day for me!

I forgot to mention that Angie came over during her lunch break at school. So happy that she is working! Also, I ate a few frenchfries - soooo goooood! It was about 6 points on Weight Watchers but some times it is worth it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

PaPa & Caleb Benjamin

Caleb loves PaPa to read to him, because PaPa makes the sound of all the farm animals. He also loves to play with PaPa's John Dear Tractor Collections. He goes straight to the glass cabinet and gets the tractors out to play with them, but he calls them his trucks. We try to tell him to say tractor, but he shakes his head no and says trucks.