Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Such a Beautiful Weekend!
Love this time of year, except for the allergies...
I feel so truly Blessed!
We had a Easter Egg hunt & BQ on Saturday. It was a Great time. The boys had so much fun playing on the dirt pile. I had forgotten how dirty little boys can get. Austin is a BIG Boy now and stayed inside most of the time. No pictures of him.

My beautiful daughter with granddaughter & friends (had a picture of Stacy- but someone deleted it)
Then today - Easter Sunday got up early and went to a Sunrise Service downtown at the River. Met Angie, Sean, Austin & Lexi there. Then went and had breakfast at I HOP. Can't ask anything more then being able to spend time with family. I feel so Blessed......need a nap now!

New Driveway - Taste of Spring!!!

After 17 years we have decided to pave our driveway. Wish we had it done years ago.
Love this time year with all the flowers blooming!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Birthday Gift

This is what I wanted for my Birthday - a family picture!! I love having "Family time"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Crazy Country Friends

I have my little friends (truly country kids) that love to visit my canal next to our home. They are not afraid of snakes. They came knocking on my door " Ms. Ann, Ms. Ann, come see the snakes" One snake is eating the other one. I SCREAMED so loud!! I had to run and get the camera to take a picture of this. Can you believe this??? They are not afraid to get in the ditch bare footed. I always tell them they are CRAZY!!!

Baby Rabbit in my Flower Garden


This is what happens when you ask your son to cut the grass for you.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Johnson Girls

Kay & Donna's Wedding
March, 1977

Then and Now: Thirty Six Years of Marriage

Then - 1973
Now after 36 years! Dan was a Cajun boy from Rayne, LA, and came to Little Rock to go to School. After he graduated in 1972 he moved back to LA. Long distance relationships are very hard so I told him that if he still wanted to marry he had to move back to Arkansas. So he. But I didn't say that we had to stay in AR. So he married me and then moved me. He was a nerd back then, but now he is now my Silver Fox!

Monday, June 18, 2007


We had a Great Father's Day on Saturday. Everyone came over on Saturday and Chad & Sean B Q for us. I thought I had 7 T'bones, but really only had 5 and 2 Rib eyes. We had to cut the Rib eyes in pieces so everyone could get a bite of it. Goes to show how much I know about meat. Of course we had chicken and sausage also, and they grilled vegies from our garden. We had a Great time to together. (I call it "FAMILY TIME" and Sean rolls his eyes at me) Those boys really know how to cook, they have so much fun together. Stacy baked a pineapple cake that was to die for and I always have to make potato salad. And as always Alexia & Caleb fought over who was going to sit in my lap. I love it!!! Austin you to always want to sit with me, but he is a big boy now. He turned 11 last month.

Then on Sunday after Church Dan & I went to Rayne to visit his Dad. We were able to get him in our car and go visit Michelle for awhile. It was a very sweet time for all of us. It will be the last time that we are going to be able to take him out. He is like Mother, he can not get up by himself. Michelle was so thankful that we were able to get him out on this Father's Day. We had another great weekend. By the way, that picture is from Amanda's wedding. For some reason I did not take pictures this weekend.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Great Dads in the family!!!

Beautiful Walker Yard

We have to watch out for snakes in our garden!!! This was a BIG one!!!

Crawfish time in Louisiana and at the beach


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great Weekend

We had a Great Weekend!! First Saturday Morning we went to Alexia's soccer game, then we had plan to come home and work in the yard all day. But instead, we met our old friends, Bob & Ginny Parrolli at the soccoer field. They were leaving but stayed and talked with us and then watched Alexia play. So after Alexia's game they wanted to come over and see what we had done to our dining area. Then we decided to go eat lunch, so we went in to Denham and had a great hamburger (a real one), then we set and talked forever about our kids and grandkids, so around 2:30pm we thought about going to the movies, so we went to see "Wild Hogs", it was pretty good. After we dropped them off back at the Soccer field we went to see what Angie & Sean had done to Alexia's room. They had ripped out the carpet in her room and was painting the walls a beautiful blue, then they are going to paint the floor pink. So any way we had a great Saturday with our old friends.

Then today Dan & I went to Church, we had dinner at Church to celebrate our Pastor's 7th year anniversary. It was really a Great Service. Then we really wanted to come home an take a nap, but instead, I got on the riding mower and Dan put on his work clothes and we started cleaning the yard. Then a little later, Chad, Stacy & Caleb came over to visit, Caleb help us clean the yard and they rode on the 4-Wheeler for awhile. Now it Sunday Night and I need to get ready for MONDAY. It was a beautiful Weekend. Next Weekend is Dan's Dad 79th Birthday, so we are all planning on going to Rayne to celebrate with them.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Twenty Packets of Flower Seeds

Alexia & I planted 20 packets of seeds after her Soccer game on Saturday. We had such a good time!! She loves helping me working in the yard. As you can see we have gloves on. I do not like touching dirt. Well after a while Lexi & I took our gloves off and put our hands in the dirt. It wasn't that bad. We took all of the trays of seeds to our green house and hopefully we will see sprouts in a few weeks.

We were really enjoying our time together until her Mom called and wanted to know if we wanted to come over and eat crawfish. (I can't eat it) but anyway Lexi wanted to go eat and then come back over. Dan was working in the yard, and I couldn't believe that he didn't want to go eat crawfish. So anyway the plan was that Lexi would go eat then come back over. Well Lexi ate Crawfish and then took a nap until Sunday Morning. She had a very busy Saturday.