Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Crazy Country Friends

I have my little friends (truly country kids) that love to visit my canal next to our home. They are not afraid of snakes. They came knocking on my door " Ms. Ann, Ms. Ann, come see the snakes" One snake is eating the other one. I SCREAMED so loud!! I had to run and get the camera to take a picture of this. Can you believe this??? They are not afraid to get in the ditch bare footed. I always tell them they are CRAZY!!!

Baby Rabbit in my Flower Garden


This is what happens when you ask your son to cut the grass for you.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Johnson Girls

Kay & Donna's Wedding
March, 1977

Then and Now: Thirty Six Years of Marriage

Then - 1973
Now after 36 years! Dan was a Cajun boy from Rayne, LA, and came to Little Rock to go to School. After he graduated in 1972 he moved back to LA. Long distance relationships are very hard so I told him that if he still wanted to marry he had to move back to Arkansas. So he. But I didn't say that we had to stay in AR. So he married me and then moved me. He was a nerd back then, but now he is now my Silver Fox!