Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Such a Beautiful Weekend!
Love this time of year, except for the allergies...
I feel so truly Blessed!
We had a Easter Egg hunt & BQ on Saturday. It was a Great time. The boys had so much fun playing on the dirt pile. I had forgotten how dirty little boys can get. Austin is a BIG Boy now and stayed inside most of the time. No pictures of him.

My beautiful daughter with granddaughter & friends (had a picture of Stacy- but someone deleted it)
Then today - Easter Sunday got up early and went to a Sunrise Service downtown at the River. Met Angie, Sean, Austin & Lexi there. Then went and had breakfast at I HOP. Can't ask anything more then being able to spend time with family. I feel so Blessed......need a nap now!

New Driveway - Taste of Spring!!!

After 17 years we have decided to pave our driveway. Wish we had it done years ago.
Love this time year with all the flowers blooming!!!!